How to install Android KitKat 6.0 on VMware - Win 10
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How to install Android KitKat 6.0 on VMware Win 10

How to install Android KitKat 6.0 on VMware Win 10

Hello in this article, I will guide you on how to install Android KitKat 6.0 on VMware Workstation as an operating system. it is a free source project which Google’s Brings published for Intel and AMD machines with RISC and ARM-designed, which can be suitable for mobile devices. And this software has developed certainly to run on notebook models and it is a useful system that functionally can be run as an operating system by combinations of hardware, it can be installed as an operating system on the desktop, and alone it can be run alongside on desktop as a machine. in fact, Android is based on Linux. it is easy to Visualizer android on VMware Workstation machine such as the installation of Android P on VirtualBox on Windows 10 besides that you can install Android KitKat 6.0

How to create a Guest machine for Android KitKat 4.4 on VMware

Before going to install Android KitKat 6.0 on VMware workstation firstly you must to download the guest machine for your computer and install that, when the setup is complete, then run the VMware Workstation on your system.

  • Run the VMware Workstation Pro for Android KitKat
  • After that, create new Virtual Machine to run Android KitKat on it
  • Then the Window of the welcome wizard will come, therefore, run that Typically(recommended) that, I recommend you to go default.
  • The Guest operating system installation will open. after that, installer disc image file (ISO) > Browse, select the ISO/Image file. then open it, of KitKat in VMware Workstation.
  • When you choose the ISO file, press Next
  • The Next Window will open, Type there the name of Android KitKat for VMware Workstation, then press Next.
  • Select the Store Virtual Disk as a single file, Maximum disk size should be 10 GB or 20 GB any of that you can select, then press Next.
  • Then customize for Hardware settings, select the Memory for it up to 2GB, and mark power on this Virtual machine after installation.
  • The last step, Finish it


How to install Android KitKat 6.0 on VMware Workstation

Firstly download the KitKat 6.0 on your computer, you can find the download link upper and click on the download link. for downloading, when the downloading complete open VMware Workstation, then follow the steps which I am showing you below.

Step 1. When the Virtual machine is created. after that, if you want to install that, power on this virtual machine. in the below screenshot.


Step 2. on this window you will see the installation types, so select the installation – install KitKat x86 to hard disk, it will directly install the KitKat on it, by pressing keyboard arrow keys to select the installation type and press Enter.


Step 3. Type “Yes” and press Enter

confirm the partition
confirm the partition

Step 4. After all the partitions and installing Android x86 on, you need to quit that press the “Quit”.

Quit the installation
Quit the installation

Step 5. After you select the Quit option, after that, directly this screen will be open you need to select the Drive where the Android x86 should be stored there. select Sda1 and OK.

Select the Drive
Select the Drive

Step 6. for the file-system to format Sda1, select ext3, and press OK.

file format
file format

Step 7:

  • in order to confirm ext3 select yes and enter.
  • install boot loader GRUB press enter
  • Do you want to install EFI GRUB? select Skip
  • for system directory as the read-write select Yes
  • installation is on the process it is going on
Confirm format process
Confirm the format process

Step 8. Congratulation you have successfully installed Android KitKat 6.0 on VMware Workstation, and now you need to restart/reboot the installation to complete it.


Setup Android KitKat on VMware Workstation Pro 15

Step 9. After you reboot that, you will be faced with dark window GRUB 1.1.5. its own self will select the first option of Android-x86 6.0 don’t do anything.

GRUB window
GRUB window
  • After this all you face different option on the version like smartphones you are using, like welcome screen, set up your Gmail for Play Store, Wi-fi network option, and many more options.
  • after that all you will see a very beautiful window of  KitKat 6.0 on the screen of your computer. Now do whatever you want.


Watch the full video tutorial


That’s all about how to install Android KitKat on VMware Workstation Pro 15. I hope that you get something from this article, if you faced any problem kindly, comment on the below Box. and need your suggestion about the articles.

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