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How to Create Google Custom Search to Monetize your site

In this article, I will show how to create Google custom search to monetize your site. However, Google custom search is developed by Google and formerly known is a Google Co-op. Google Custom search is a platform to allows web developers to search for information through the web. The Google Custom search is like a search engine that has direct communication with Google SEO. Therefore, Google custom search allows users to have access to 11.5 billion indexed web pages, with one click search it will show topical pages and depends on the creators need. Although, Google custom search officially launched on October 3, 2006.

However, Google Custom search allows users to create there Web search engine by themselves. Google custom search engine can be created by the owner of the website to search for information on particular topics chosen by the creator.  In this case, Google custom search much different from other Google web search. The Google custom search gives you full information about all the websites. But other Google web search only gives you the result of the topic that you search for it. At one time you can add many websites while creating Google custom search.

Google custom search engine can work like link building, creators can add attach their search engine to any other Blog or website. Also, Google AdSense can be linked to Google custom search queries to turn out revenue for the owner of the Blog or website. The essential thing is that you can monetize your website through Google custom search. When someone comes to your website search for any particular topic from your Google custom search, then it will increase your traffic and revenue. Therefore, ask your friends to link your website in their Google custom search engine.

How to Create Google Custom to Monetize your site

Step 1. To add Google custom search in your blog or website first you have to create a Google custom search. The Process is simple now open Google Chrome or any other web browser. Then type there “” and press enter key.

Step 2. Once the Google Custom Search page opened, click on Create a Custom search engine.

Create a custom search engine

Step 3. However, once the Google Custom Page opened there you have to click on “New Search Engine”. After that, Enter the site name and click “Create” to create a search engine for your site. And also you can add multiple websites or blogs in Google custom search to increase the traffic.


Step 4. Congratulations! you have successfully created your custom search engine, click on Get Code.

Get Code

Step 5. After that, you clicked get code this below page will open. You have to copy the following code, and paste into an <dive> element in your site’s body <Body> section, where you want both of the search box and the search results to render. Select all the codes than right-click and copy all of them.

Copy the Code

Step 6. After that, you copied all the codes open your website dashboard than click Pages>Add New.

Open dashboard

Step 7. Now give a tittle to page, and below select “Text” and paste the Google Custom search codes.

Paste the code

Setup the Google Custom Search

Step 8. After that, you have copied the Google Custom Search codes, come back to the Google Custom Search web page. If you want that your site Google Custom search should be monetized, indeed your site should be connected to Google AdSense. Remember that the Gmail in which your AdSense account is connected creates the Google Custom Search engine with that Gmail. Now click on “Edit Search Engine” and select your domain name, then click on “Setup”. There if you want to enable Ads on Google Custom Search of your website, therefore, click on the “Ads” page and scroll down then turn “ON” “Search Engine Monetization”.

Setup Google Custom search

Step 9. Below setup click on “Look and feel” and on “Layout” select “Overlay”.

Google Custom search layout

Step 10. Once again copy the Google Custom Search codes and open your site dashboard click on “Appearance” and open “Widgets”.


Step 11. Now you have to add the Google Custom search in the sidebar of your site. For that find “Text” from widgets and add a text bar in the sidebar.

Add widget

Step 12. Now click on “Text” on the right-handed and below paste the Google Custom Search code and click Save.

Copy the Google custom search code

Step 13. You have successfully created a Google Custom Search Engine for your site. Therefore, navigate to your website and on right-handed, if you want to check that Google Custom Search is working or not? then search for something and press the search icon.

Google custom search

Step 14. Now you will see that Google Custom Search is working perfectly, and increase your revenue.

Google Custom search result

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Bottom Line

That’s all about how to create Google custom search to monetize your site. I hope you have gotten something from this article, if the article was helpful for you then share your suggestion feedback in below comment box. And if you faced any sort problem let us know in the comment box, and subscribe to our blog for the latest post updates, and share our post.


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