How to Create a GPT Bootable USB with cmd - 2020
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How to Create a GPT Bootable USB with cmd

How to Create a GPT Bootable USB with cmd

In this article, I will show you how to create a GPT bootable USB with cmd. However, we have MBR “Master Boot Record” and now we have GPT “GUID Partition Table”. And GPT abbreviated from the GUID partition table, GPT is one of the most popular partitioning schemes used for most operating systems nowadays. Also, GPT “GUID Partition Table” exists in the Utilities of the macOS operating system. In case, GPT can be used for Windows Unix-class operating system like macOS. Moreover, the GPT “GUID Partition Table” was introduced by the Intel company by the 1990s. And now it becomes of the standard partition layout on the physical hard disk. Also, the GPT is the collection of all partition tables, including MBR, APM, overcoming their limitations using 32 bits.

The GPT “GUID Partition Table” is used to restrict the size of the hard drive to 2.2TB “Terabytes”. Indeed it increases the hard drive capacity amount in a computer, it is pretty nice to turn the older partitioning schemes in GPT. However, it will allocate 64 bits for logical addresses, automatically recognize the hard drive size such as 9.4 ZB “Zeta-bytes”. Alongside GPT partition the new capacity of hard drive comes “Zeta-bytes”. Indeed with the big capacity of hard drive GPT partitioning system will remain for a long time.

However, GPT is a standard layout of the partition schemes of a physical computer storage device, like hard disk, solid-state drive. GPT has known globally unique identifiers “GUIDs). Also, form as UEFI and replacement for the PC BIOS also used for BIOS systems in order to limit MBR partition tables. After all, all new PC operating systems support GPT, which includes macOS and Windows. That only the new system will support GPT partitions, also, FreeBSD and Linux can boot from GPT

How to Create a GPT Bootable USB with cmd

MBR “Master Boot Record” only can support the hard drive which has a capacity of 2.2TB. But GPT “GUID Partition Table” can support more than 2.2TB, that the new hard disk capacity is Zeta-Bytes. And Zeta-Bytes comes with new personal computer operating systems.

  • Navigate to the Windows Start menu and type cmd then press enter.
  • While the cmd opened type disk part and press enter.
  • After that, the next screen will open then type list disk and press enter.
  • Now select the drive which you want to create GPT partition, type there select disk 1.
  • And type clean than press enter.
  • After that, the disk formatted type partition primary and press enter.
  • Again type select partition 1 and press enter.
  • Now type active and press enter.
  • After that, the disk will be active than type format fs=fat32 quick and press enter.
  • Wait for a while to format the pen drive.
  • Now the disk has created to GPT partition, go ahead and copy-paste the Windows file.
How to Create a GPT Bootable USB with cmd
How to Create a GPT Bootable USB with cmd

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That’s all about how to create a GPT bootable USB with cmd. I hope you have gotten something from this article if you think that the article was useful then share your suggestion and feedback below.

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