How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode - Windows 10, macOS, iOS
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How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

In this article, I will show you How to Enable Google Chrome dark mode. Google has been working day and night, to bring some good changes in Google chrome. And finally, by there hard work in the passage of time they have done. And brought good changes to Google Chrome look. There isn’t any simple trick to change the light mode into dark mode. However, Google Chrome dark mode is activated by the Google company for every kind of operating system.

Sometimes, we are getting compelled to use Google Chrome on our mobile phones. And Google had built Google Chrome for Android, iPhone, computer. Therefore, now we can use Google Chrome in three things, and while using Google Chrome on our phone we should use the dark mode. The reasons that we should use dark mode in our phone, is that save the battery life of our phone. And Google by doing research they confirmed that the Apps with dark mode interfaces spend less battery life. But confirm we can not say that using Google chrome dark mode in our computer should effect on our computer.

What are the benefits of using dark mode? Nowadays most of the famous Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and other Apps interface dark mode. Because the scientist they researched about it, that dark mode allows the person to sleep easily. And I suggest you if you are using social media turn your light mode into dark mode. Because generally, it will affect your mind, blood pressure, and many other diseases. While using the dark mode you can feel relax and you will not face any tiredness in your body.


Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode for Windows 10

Finally, Google Chrome just looks too much cool with dark mode. And other social media, turning light mode to dark mode will great changes and experience with the bright and light theme. If you are satisfied with the above points, then turn your light mode into dark mode. And learn below how to switch the dark mode of Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS.

Download Google Chrome and install it on your computer. When the installation is successfully done, go ahead open Google Chrome. From setting search for Add Extension. After that, search Google Chrome Dark Mode and press enter, then click on Add to Chrome.

Add Extension
Add Extension

After clicking Add to Chrome the Extension will download the Dark mode theme. And wait until it should be complete, on top right-handed you will see Google Chrome dark logo. By clicking on that logo you can enable or disable the mode of Google Chrome.

Enabled Dark mode of Chrome
Enabled Dark mode of Chrome

Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode for macOS

  • To Enable the Google Chrome dark mode for macOS, open “System Preferences”, click “General”, then select “Appearance”.
  • Select the “Dark” mode option with all the Apps dark mode. Automatically by selecting the Dark mode will change the Apps dark mode Natively.

Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode for Android

  • Dark mode for Google Chrome on Android is a great change. Due to having using too many Android phones and with light mode effectiveness. Now to activate the dark mode of Google Chrome in your Android Phone, enter Chrome://flags in the browser address menu.
  • Click on “Search Flags” enter press enter work dark. Therefore, you will see an option “Android Chrome UI dark mode”. Select the recommended option and it will automatically turn to dark mode face.
  • Press drop-down under the option then changes the setting to “Activated” then restart Google Chrome.]
  • Here open the settings menu, click “Themes” then select “Dark”. In the case, you did not see the dark mode option restart Google Chrome it will appear automatically.

Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on iOS

  • Still, the Google Chrome Dark mode isn’t released for iOS. Therefore, stay tuned and wait for the next update of iOS. And still, the work is in progress for experimental to bring changes in mode. Through this article, you will be notified of the update of Google Chrome dark mode for iOS.
  • To change the dark mode in iOS, Click on “Settings” select “General” “Accessibility” and select “Display Accommodation”.
  • Toggle “Classic invert” it will invert the colors and themes of everything in your devices. Or ” Smart Invert” it will leave images but bring many other changes to your devices.


That’s all about How to Enable Google Chrome dark mode. I hope the article was useful for you if you learned something from this article. Don’t forget to share your suggestion, feedback in the comment section. And stay up to date with techsprobe for the latest posts.

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