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How to Factory reset Windows 10

In this article, I will show you how to factory reset Windows 10. There is much reason can be that you should factory reset your Windows 10 PC. If you want to remove all your information from Windows 10, that time you need to factory reset the Windows 10. Or if your computer is running slow due to junk files, or facing different kinds of error while using Windows. And facing error while installing any software on your Windows 10 PC. That time the factory reset is important. In another case, you want to reset your computer for future uses. After the factory reset your Windows 10 will work perfectly as a new computer, and a new operating system. Similarly, Microsoft built an option into the operating system that can reset Windows without losing any sort of data.

However, learn the below steps to reset your Windows 10 if you think that Windows 10 is not working properly on your computer. There are many tools for resetting Windows but the recommended option exists on Windows developed by Microsoft in operating systems. Therefore, there are two kinds of options in Windows resets. The first one while resetting you will choose to keep your files only reset the settings and the second one is factory reset or hard reset. That factory reset will erase all your files in the “C” drive. I suggest you want to choose the factory reset, in that case, have a back up of your files, then you won’t lose anything. Get ready and follow the instruction and get your Windows 10 PC is running smoothly.

How to factory reset Windows 10?

If your Windows 10 settings are not working properly then you have to select keep files during resetting. And if you are facing any kind of internal error on Windows, or during installing any software then you have to factory reset the Windows. Factory reset will suggest you install or renew the Windows once again.

Step 1. Click on the start menu then click on the gear icon to open the settings windows. Or type “Setting” when it appears then press the enter key to open setting Window.


Step 2. Now scroll down under search click Update & security.

Update & security

Step 3. On the left-handed choose recovery tab and under Reset this PC click “Get Started”. However, this option lets you choose to keep your files or remover them, and then reinstall Windows.

Recovery option

Step 4. On this page, you will face two option the first one is whether you want to keep the files, or removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files. And the next one is to remove everything it will remove all of your personal files, and settings. Now it depends on you whether you keep your personal files that remain after resetting. Or you want to reset everything and wipe the hard drive completely.

Reset this PC

Step 5. I have selected remove everything option because I was facing lots of error while installing something. Remove everything option will just remove your files. This is quicker but less secure. The procedure is a bit quick because there you don’t recover any files, after that, click next.

Additional setting

Step 6. Wait for getting things ready, it will not take much time.

Getting things ready

Ready to reset this PC

Step 7. Now everything is ready to reset this PC, remember that by resetting you remove the below files: Make sure your self that you want to reset you Windows or no if you agree then click Reset.

  • Remove all the personal files and user account on this PC.
  • Remove any changes made to settings.
  • And remove all Apps and programs.
Ready to reset this PC

Step 8. Now the Windows is going to be reset and preparing to reset the PC, it will restart automatically when 100% complete.

Preparing to reset

Step 9. After resetting process your computer will restart automatically.


Step 10. After that, your computer restarted wait for this process of resetting also. Then it will complete 100% and the computer will restart.

Resetting this PC

Step 11. In this step, the C drive will Fix in three-stage wait until it should complete.

Fixing C Drive

Step 12. Installing Windows Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while and your computer will restart several times during installation.

Installing Windows

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Bottom Line

After that, the Windows installation successfully is done then you have to complete the beginning steps of Windows for the first use. However, that is all about how to factory reset Windows 10 step by step. I hope the article was useful for you and hope you have gotten something. In case, if you faced any kind of problem feel free and comment below. Also, share your best ideas suggestion about this post and share this with your friends.


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