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How to Link Google Analytics with Google AdSense

In this article, I will show you how to link Google Analytics with Google AdSense. Google Analytics and Google Search console are the two important free tools for monitoring the website. Nowadays, most blogs or website owners in touch with Google analytics and Google search console. And these two free tools are developed by Google to monitor site details, still, you are confused about how these tools get our website details in one place. Easily we can share the data between webmaster tool Google search console, with Google analytics. Moreover, this day’s Google AdSense required to monitor Google Analytics details in Google AdSense. In this case, if you are Google AdSense publisher then this article will help to get your AdSense data inside Google Analytics, or Google Analytics data inside Google AdSense.

The procedure is easy just to have a proved Google AdSense account, an authorized website, Verified analytics site property, Administrator to both access accounts. Therefore, the Google AdSense policy is like that you connect only one Google AdSense account with Google analytics. In case, if you are the owner of multiple websites then you need to separate Google analytics plus Google Search Console.

How to create a Google Analytics Account?

Before to link the Google AdSense account with Google Analytics you have to create a property. The process is simple you need to have a Gmail account, or you can create a Google Analytics property account with the same Google AdSense account. Again if you don’t know how to create then follow the below instruction.

Step 1. If any kind of notification appeared in your Google AdSense account, then go ahead and solve that. Login to your Google AdSense account click on “Account” then “Access and Authorization” then “Google Analytics Integration”. And click “Learn More” after that, login in there into Google Analytics. Another way simply Login to Google Analytics with your Gmail account and create an account.

Google AdSense

Step 2. After that, you logged in to Google Analytics dashboard click on ADMIN, and click Create Account.

Create an account

Step 3. Provide the account details, Account name, also accounts can contain more than one tracking ID. After that, mark all the Google Analytics account data sharing settings then click Next.

Account name

Step 4. What do you want to measure? here you will see three options select the Web. It measures your websites.

  • Understand where your users are coming from and turn data into insights.
  • Analyze user behavior and optimize your business.
  • Discover trends with performance and conversion analysis.

Select Web

Step 5. Provide your property details such as Website name, Website URL, Industry Category, Reporting time zone and click Create.

Property setup

Step 6. Agree to the terms and condition of Google Analytics by checking the box of:

  • I also accept the Data processing terms as required by GDPR.
  • I accept the measurement controller-controller data protection terms for the data that I share with Google.
  • After that, click Accept to agree to this process.

Terms and condition

Paste Google Analytics code in <Head> of  your website

Step 7. After clicking the accept button you will see here the “Tracking ID” and “Website tracking code”. You need to copy and paste this code into your website dashboard. For that select, the codes then right-click and click copy.

Copy website tracking code

Step 8. Open your website dashboard and scroll down select “Appearance” then “Theme Editor”. On the right-handed select “Header.php” and press enter to add a tab. After that, paste the Google Analytics code, then click “Update File”.

Website dashboard

Authorize Google Analytics plugin

After that, you created the Google Analytics property account and paste the tracking code in the website theme editore window. Therefore, for displaying the Google Analytics data in your website dashboard you have to install Google Analytics plugin.

Step 1. For the installation of Google Analytics plugin click “Plugins” then “Add new”. On the right-handed search for “Google Analytics” then the list of the plugin will appear therefore, you have to select Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (Formerly GADWP. Click “Install Now” and after installation Activate the plugin.

Google Analytics plugin

Step 2. For the Authorization of the Google Analytics plugin click Settings.


Step 3. In the Google Analytics plugin settings click on “Authorize Plugin”.

Authorize plugin

Step 4. Use this link to get your access code: Get Access code.

Get access code

Step 5. Configure your Gmail account will Google Analytics to get the access code after that, copy the code.

Copy the code

Step 6. After you copied the code come back to Google Analytics Settings menu, then paste the code and finally click “Save access code”.

Paste the code

Step 7. You have installed the Google Analytics plugin and authorized that, now click “Save Changes”.

Save changes

Link Google Analytics with Google AdSense

Now every step is performed very well therefore, you need to link Google Analytics with Google AdSense. For that again open the dashboard of Google Analytics, and follow the below guide.

Step 1. Click on the “ADMIN” option under product linking select “AdSense linking” to link your Google AdSense account with Google Analytics.

AdSense linking

Step 2. Here you will see “Configure AdSense link” select your AdSense property. And select your AdSense publisher ID, after that, select AdSense for content. Therefore, your Google AdSense is for content now click on the “Continue” button to ahead into the next step.

Configure AdSense

  • For the configuration of Google AdSense in Google Analytics dropdown click “Enable link” to connect the Google AdSense with Google Analytics.

Step 3. After linking the Google Analytics with Google AdSense check the status. Navigate to Admin>Property settings>All products. Therefore, you see that Google AdSense is actively linked and receiving data.

Check the status

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Now you have successfully link Google Analytics with Google AdSense. Therefore, open your AdSense account navigate to Home>Settings>Access and authorization>Google Analytics integration. In that section, you will see that Google AdSense is linked with Google Analytics. To check the status or data of Google AdSense in Google Analytics navigate to Google Analytics and select Behavior>Publisher>Overview, you can check the Google AdSense earning views on Google Analytics. Again if you faced any kind of problem feel free and comment in below comment section, or share your suggestion feedback too about this article.


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