Microsoft Office 2019 | Everything you need to know about Features

Microsoft Office 2019 Everything you need to know about Features

Microsoft Office 2019 Everything you need to know about Features

in this article, I want to introduce for you Microsoft Office 2019 ProPlus v1812 Build 11126.20188  . as you all are in touch with this program specially this program is mostly using for Office’s and etc, After that, all of you have information about the office and about the history, Becuase, these office has build with new features that you may know that which kind of work you do inside, that you could not do in the old version of office, the features is added to Ms Word, Excel, Excess, Powerpoint, Publisher, Onedrive, we didn’t have one drive in the previous version as you know that when we are getting low space of storage we upload our files to one drive.

Microsoft Office 2019 ProPlus
Microsoft Office 2019 ProPlus

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What are the new Features Inside Microsoft Office 2019

  • Unmistakably Designed for Mac, Modern office is designed and totally optimized for mac and view in a high-resolution screen.
  • Customizable Ribbon, all the power of office has organized the way that you want.
  • Focus mode, it also has been added in a part of new features, it has concentrate on your document that you are working on that no need of any other tools
  • Improved accessibility, features like reading mode or Alt-Text for all the images make a separate document now need of inclusive.
  • Expressive linking, features are like ink effect or pencil for the betterment of your edit. or different kinds of shapes are added to Ms. Word.
  • New charts on Excel, new features of charts are added that you should review your file in a map of 2D.
  • New Functions, simply your formula using new functions, it means that the formula that we were using in the previous version in this version you can use that in a simple way.
  • In powerpoint new features is this that there we can make a good slide show or project using new transitions or styles.

Ms. Word 2019

Therefore, Ms. Word is a part of the office that people are in touch with, especially for Office’s and any other departments are used the most, but Microsoft office 2019 has built the new version with new features that are going to make the work of users too much easy. Word is a new version of Microsoft’s word processor, with advanced features for better document management. This program provides more opportunities for working with documents and you can put different videos from the Internet. Word allows you to open PDF files and you can edit them.
Full editing of the contents of the files is provided by Word, and you can even use it to draw pictures. It’s easy to work with the mobile app graphs and you can easily get all the program tools. There is a direct connection to the servers and you can have cloud-based storage. After that, The program can examine the functions and allow them to modify them.

  • one of the most interesting that I found between office 365 and office 2019 that you can easily share and edit your document’s from onedrive.
  • The easy way to share your file to another format.
  • Smart lookup gives an example of the pronunciation and sentences mistakes.
  • New features that word has, that the files you worked on that, for example, today or Older you can see that.
  • you can share your files with people.
  • therefore, you can use Skype for online business inside Ms. Word.
  • The black theme for word.

Ms.Excel 2019

What is Excel? Excel is a part of the office that around the globe most of the companies, Banks, Office’s are using Excel for accounting or any other purpose, Therefore, Ms.Office 2019 had brought good changes in this software that makes the job of people too much easy rather than, past, Excel is a dynamic business tool that allows users to analyze or analyze data and present their existing data in the program. With this program, you can use advanced functions and have a variety of tools for data analysis.
Above all, The appearance of this version of Excel is completely new and highlighted and you can highlight the more sensitive information. This feature makes it easier to access basic tools. The more professional results you can expect from the program, and many of the world’s functions and new technology in the program. This program has features that make your decisions consciously and create slides.

  • New features on chart and formulas.
  • new chart title that you can add the maps.
  • different kinds of Icons.
Ms. Excel 2019
Ms. Excel 2019

Ms. Access 2019

Microsoft Access is a management program. that you can manage your database in access Ms.Office can combine the jet database with each other, and word access means active that always the files are accessible. Microsoft Access has provided an advanced version of the program for database management that you can logically plan and integrate with different catalogs. Similarly, This app is vital for business owners and provides comprehensive information management capabilities. The software has high quality and provides a new type of database for you. Creating various databases and tables is provided by Access, and sharing options are also provided in SharePoint. You can do sharing in the web browser and have all the data types in the program.

  • With new features new transitions.
  • a property chart sheet is added by the office as a new feature.
Ms. Access 2019
Ms. Access 2019

Ms. OneNote 2019

This program is a digital notebook that is using for saving and sharing your information in it When you are opening OneNote suddenly you are facing the new look and new features of OneNote 2019. Therefore, you can access easily for saving your data and you can make your storage device more and more. Of course, Microsoft has the ability that can access you to OneNote soon. OneNote 2019 has outstanding features before if you didn’t use OneNote I suggest you to be in touch with it.

Ms. OneNote 2019
Ms. OneNote 2019

Ms.OneDrive 2019

Ms. OneDrive is a library that you can store your personal documents or files, Therefore, when you are storing your files on OneDrive only you can have the accessibility on that no one else can be in touch with that. But sometimes your friends can be access to your files if you want, you can in touch with files from somewhere else with another operating system because you are connecting to OneDrive on Email Address. After that, The files are Save in SharePoint of Microsoft Office you will the complete set in your hand.

Ms. Onedrive 2019
Ms. Onedrive 2019

More About Office

Ms. Powerpoint 2019

  • Advance ability and acceptance of Powerpoint Morph are used.
  • Administratorship and has the ability of Icons, SVG and 3D.
  • The possibility of using the pen on it.

Access Changes in Microsoft Office 2019

  • Diagram Drops and 3D maps.
  • has a high ability to share access files to power.
  • Advance in Powerpoint.
  • Advanced in PowerQuery.

Outlook changes in Microsoft Office 2019

  • Update content cards.
  • with Office 365 group.
  • Mentions.
  • Entering Zoom access.

Word changes in Microsoft Office 2019

  • Black theme added to Word.
  • Better Voices.
  • The ability to change a paragraph to voice.
  • Advance inaccessibility.

In Conclusion

Above All,  in this article, you learned about Microsoft Office 2019 about the New Features and uses of Ms. Word/Ms. Excel/Ms. Access/Ms. OneNote/Ms. OneDrive or about Ms. Powerpoint hope you get some beneficial points about this article.

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