How to create bootable USB for Kali Linux on windows - Simple Steps
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How to create bootable USB for Kali Linux on windows – Simple Steps

How to create bootable USB for Kali Linux on windows Simple Steps

Hello, welcome to another Article, in this article I will show you How to create a bootable USB for Kali Linux on Windows 10. Installing different or experiencing different kinds of the operating system might be good, but you might know how to How to create bootable USB with cmd for Windows 7/8/8.1/ or Win 10  and in this article, I will show you the easiest way of creating a Bootable USB for Kali Linux, for this purpose, I will use “Power ISO” software. and you all know that “Power ISO” is a software that we can store our files Such as Windows, Mac OS, Mac Mojave ISO files to burn on CD/DVD with “Power ISO” sometimes we use Power ISO to keep our files from viruses.

What is Power ISO

Power ISO is a powerful CD/DVD /BD image processing ISO tool, which gives you the opportunity to burn ISO files, Create, Compress, Burn, Encrypt, Extract ISO/Image files, Split and convert your files to ISO/Image file using Power ISO. one thing more than Power ISO only mount image files, it can almost process only CD/DVD/ BD files to burn, and you can do everything with this great tool.


  • Support almost CD/DVD BD-ROM image files format only
  • You can Extract your ISO file with a single click
  • Burn your Data simply with this tool to CD/DVD or burn ISO file also
  • Burn Audio CD from Mp3
  • Rip Audio CD to Mp3
  • Create an ISO file to burn inside CD/DVD
  • Convert image file between ISO/BIN file
  • Convert USB drive bootable
  • Make Bootable file for CD/DVD
  • It supports both versions of Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit

Before creating Bootable For USB

Before going to Create a Bootable USB for Kali Linux you must prepare this requirement in order to Create USB for Kali Linux easily on Windows 10 or any other operating system.



when the downloading is complete, so first install “Power ISO” on your computer for creating USB Bootable, and for more follow the instructions which I am guiding you on the article.

Now Create Your USB Bootable

Follow the steps which present in the article how to install Power ISO how to create Bootable With ISO.

Step #1. After the downloading is complete select and open the setup for installation when you open that software select I Agree.

Install Power ISO
Install Power ISO

Step #2. In this screenshot you can select your installation file location, that in which drive do you want to install the I suggest you go default, and press Install.

Install And location
Install And location

Step #3. When the installation is complete, so here on the file Associations you will see select more options for your Power ISO file, then Close.

Installation complete close
Installation complete close

Step #4. In this screenshot Register Power ISO, Open the Keygen then Generate the code, after that copy the Registration code and select Enter Registration Code, then Paste the generated code there.

Register Power ISO
Register Power ISO

Step #5. It’s the time to create USB for Kali Linux. After that, the installation and registration are completely open the Power ISO, then select Tools on the taskbar and select Create Bootable USB drive.

USB Boo-table
USB Bootable

Step #6. in this screenshot search for Kali Linux ISO file, select the folder which arrow is on. after that, select the ISO file and press on Open.

Search for Kali Linux ISO file
Search for Kali Linux ISO file

Step #7. After that the ISO selection is complete, in this screenshot, you will be Active to Start Button, and press Start Button to start Creating USB Bootable. When you start the start button a question will be asked from you that. All the Data in the USB drive will be overwritten. So do you want to Continue?



That’ all about how to create a Bootable USB for Kali Linux. that’s all about a simple method for creating Bootable USB If you faced any problem, share your problem on the below box of the comment.

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