Top Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 & macOS
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Top Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 & macOS

Top Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 & macOS

The data recovery software tool is an application that brings back our deleted files on a computer. Data recovery tools sometimes playing the best internal role on our PC for recovering our lost files. However, it’s natural that humans are accidentally deleting Photos, Video, Files, or other documents on the computer due to some error issues. Or maybe sometimes it can cause us to delete our files due to virus attack, hard drive failure, or any other reasons.

However, there are some paid tools or free tools that bring our deleted tools back. Or most of the time people have the knowledge to take a backup of there files. Perhaps, there is an online platform to store our files there, such as Google Drive, Cloud Drive, MediaFire, Dropbox, OneDrive. In some cases, we take our files on external USB drives for backup. These are the best option to protect your important files there.

How Does Recovery work?

While losing your important files from your computer. Then there are several file recovery software. That allows you to recover your data with data recovery software in an easy and simple way. Once you have the hard drive that corrupted or crashed, then that time you need dedicated data recovery software, to help you restore your deleted files. Unfortunately, there is software which you need to pay money for that. And some of them work for temporary registration, or that will restore your files less than a Gigabytes. Mostly, several recovery tools need to be purchased.

When a file suddenly deletes by you and store in the recycle bin. Or sometimes the deleted files will be removed from the recycle bin. Indeed those files are still available on your PC. The only path of the file has been deleted from your system file. The file can be usable after deletion that marked to be used by others when required. Don’t worry the original file is still available on your PC. The file will remain on your hard disk until you should not make a partition. Or if you won’t make partition of your hard disk then the fill will remain for a long time on your computer hard drive. Of course, there should be the best way or data recovery software tools. That brings those deleted files from all types of storage media, like Hard Disk, Flash Drive, or Memory Card.

Top Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 & macOS

1. Recuva

In the era of data recovery software, the best one is Recuva. Recuva is an undeletion software developed by Piriform. It has the ability to recover the deleted files from Hard drive, USB Drive, SD Card on Windows 10. Recuva recovery software is a light software that easily Windows 10 support it. Again there are more features that access to recover deleted files from DVDs, CDs, Internal Drives, External Drives, Memory cards, and others. When it comes to recovery option I think Recua is the best option to recover or restore the deleted Photos, Videos, and other files. Recuva is available in two different versions, one of them is free. But to get it’s Pro version you have to pay $19.99. Also, Recuva can be supported by Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, including both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions.

  • Undelete files on your computer
  • Recovery from damaged or formatted disks
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Recover deleted iPod music
  • Restore unsaved word documents
  • Quick-start wizard
  • Deep scan
  • Securely deleted files you want to erase forever
  • Portable version
  • Full Windows operating system support and many languages
  • Full advanced recovery tool for Windows OS
  • Light Software

2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a freeware data recovery tool for Windows and macOS that developed and launched by Cleverfiles. Perhaps, you might delete your Photos, Videos, or other documents on your Windows or macOS. But there isn’t an option to restore those files. Indeed Disk Drill is also one of those utilities that can restore your deleted files on Windows or macOS. Disk Drill your best short, one thing else about Disk Drill that it can have the ability to recover up to 500MB files with the free version software. In case, to recover more than your demand you have to purchase it for macOS, and Windows to recover files more than 500MB. However, the Disk Drill Pro version for macOS and Windows is available in two different versions to purchase. The Pro version of Disk Drill is $89 and the Enterprise one is $499.

  • Disk Drill is powered by multiple data recovery algorithms that read NTFS, FAT32, EXT, HFS+, and many other files.
  • Recover your lost data on Windows and macOS system disks such as external hard disk, USB drives, Memory cards, and other documents.
  • Complete data recovery
  • Multiple scan options
  • Save Scan & Resume recovery
  • Premium Data protection
  • Full partition recovery
  • Recover the data in the form of the disk image
Disk Drill
Disk Drill

3. Stellar Data Recovery

When it comes to its name, but its target is something else. While deleting any useful data from your Windows and macOS PC. Then the Stellar data recovery is here to bring it back to you on Windows, and macOS. On the other hand, the Stellar data recovery tool is a professional advanced recovery tool that helps you restore your important data. It has also other perfect tools for personal use and business use. But it will focus on software for photo, USB, and Internal, or External Hard drives. Stellar recovery software has the ability to recover data lost from hard drives, USB drives, SD cards & other storages. It gives you the ability to recover the deleted Photos, Videos, Audios. Also, repair the corrupted Videos such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, AVCHD, MJPEG, & other kinds of video formats.

  • Can recover data from different kind of storage devices like Internal drives, External Drives, USB Drives, SD Cards, Mobile phones, and others.
  • A simple method of using
  • Consist of advanced features
  • Fast recovery tool
  • Suitable for beginners uses
  • Try the free version before to use its Pro version
  • There are different versions such as Stellar Data recovery professional, Stellar Data recovery professional for Mac, Stellar Photo Recovery, Stellar repair for exchange, Stellar Repair for MS SQL, Stellar Repair for Video, Stellar Converter for EDB, Stellar Converter for NSF, Stellar Repair for Photo. Now it depends on you which one you want to use.
Stellar Data recovery
Stellar Data recovery

4. TestDisk

TestDisk is a free open-source data recovery tool. TestDik is primarily designed to help to recover lost data from storage partitions. In some cases may happen due to Viruses or human error, such as accidentally erasing the partition table. Then the TestDisk allows you to collect information about the corrupted drive. Also, TestDisk is now counted as an advanced tool for recovering the partition disk data. The TestDisk is packed up with handy features with advanced recovery options than other software. However, TestDisk can be supported by the following platforms Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, Windows XP, Linux, macOS.  It can be used only for the purpose of deleted files while partitioning the hard drive. In some cases it can be risky for, then in place TestDik I recommend you use any other recovery tools.

  • Fix partition table, recover deleted partition
  • Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup
  • Rebuild FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 boot sector
  • Fix FAT tables
  • Rebuild NTFS boot sector
  • Recover NTFS boot sector from its backup
  • Fix MFT using MFT mirror
  • Recover files from FAT, exFAT, NFTS and ext2 filesystem
  • Copy files from deleted FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2, ext3, ext4 partitions
  • Command-line, or it can be risky for you to use it.

5. DoYourData

DoYourData recovery tool is the best element for those who accidentally lost their data from there Hard drives, mobile phones, and other external drives. For those who are a victim of lost data, in that case, DoYourData is the advanced solution for restoring the files. In the scanning process, there are two types of recovery options. The first one is Quick recovery and Advanced recovery. Once the files recovered through the software, then it allows you to review that then finally recover those files. The recommended DoYourData is a quick step of recovery to perform for lost data. Do Your Data recovery tool is available now for Windows 10 and macOS operating system. The greatest release of Do Your Data version for macOS, allows you to completely recover lost data from a hard drive or external drives.

  • DoYourData Super Erase for PC: Powerful data erasure software to securely and permanently erase data from any hard drive and storage device, beyond the scope of data recovery.
  • DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac: Reliable Mac data eraser to permanently and securely shred data, wipe hard drive, format hard drive and clean up privacy info on Mac or other devices.
  • Safe and Reliable Data Erasure Software
  • File preview before recovering it
  • Very easy to use
  • Compatible with mobile phones, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and macOS operating systems.

6. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a free open-source recovery software for recovering lost data. It knows from its name “PhotoRec”, it designed to recover lost files from various digital camera memory, hard disk, and CD-ROM. Usually, PhotoRec can recover deleted files up to 480 file extensions. Indeed PhotoRec is one of the professional recovery tools. It has been ranking on top due to its recovery powerful options from digital cameras or hard drives. Definitely, it allows you to recover the lost file such as Videos, Pictures, Documents, from Hard Disk, External Hard disk, CD-ROMs and etc. PhotoRec is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, macOS.

  • The PhotoRec has the ability to recover up to 480 file formats.
  • PhotoRec works with hard disks, CD-ROMs, Memory cards.
  • It has the ability to work with FAT, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4 files in systems store files in the data block.

7. Pandora Recovery

Almost, Pandora Recovery becomes Disk Drill. Sometimes it can happen that easily you should lose your data. Pandora recovery element can recover intact in most cases with the right solution. The free Disk Drill is the new software of Pandora Data Recovery. Pandora Recovery tool has an advanced and modern algorithm that increases data recovery on Windows. When a file accidentally deleting by on system, then it comes to Pandora that can recover those files. Pandora Recovery scans your hard drive or any other storage device that locates deleted files. While you want to recover just by a simple click you can bring the deleted data. And now Pandora Recovery is one of the most compatible and effective tools for recovering data. It offers you less time to bring your files back.

The following platforms can be supported by the Pandora Recovery tool Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista.

  • Allow you to recover the deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes
  • While recovering the files will appear it certain types.
  • It gives you the ability to recover the files from the drives which have been formatted by you.
  • Has the ability yo recover the archived, hidden, encrypted, and compress files of your system.
Pandora Recovery
Pandora Recovery

8.  Puran Recovery Tool

Puran recovery software can be used to recover lost files and partitions and allows you to recover from formatted disk also. While searching through the Puran recovery tool on Windows, it will automatically detect the file system which was deleted by you. The drives can be recovered are Hard Disks, Pen Drives, Memory Cards, Mobile Phones, CDs, DVDs. It can also recover the files from damaged partition.

  • Simple interface with an extremely powerful recovery engine
  • Quick Scan that lists deleted files in a few clicks, it supports FAT12/16/32 and NTFS.
  • Deep Scan for deleted files
  • Full Scan that can detect deleted files even recover files from formatted drives.
  • More than 50 formats/data patterns
  • The full path of deleted files will be listed
  • Recovered files can be saved with their path structure intact
  • Files are listed in tree and list views
  • And official box supporting wildcards lets you quickly locate your deleted files.
  • Available in the portable version
  • Also, it can recover everything deleted by on your system
Puran Recovery tool
Puran Recovery tool

9. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Tool

File loss happens sometimes for everyone. There is a various reason that causes to lose our files or data on our system from Hard Disk, External Drive, USB Drive, Memory Cards, and etc. The reason for accidental file deletion can be Virus invasion, disk failure, file system error and so forth. There are not any worries to recover our files and bring them back. One of the powerful recovery tools is now on our hands. And that is MiniTool Power Data Recovery gives you the ability to recover files. The free data recovery software for Windows operating system target you to recover files or deep scan and restore the deleted files. From damaged hard disks, SSD, USB Drives, Memory Cards, and others. Even MiniTool Power Data Recovery software is better than Recuva, Pandora for recovering deleted files.

When it comes to the entire partition of hard disk obviously you need an advanced tool like MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover the lost files. The MiniTool Power Data Recovery software can be supported by Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista. However, there is a limitation between its version. With the free version, you can recover only 1GB. To recover more than 1GB you need to purchase the Monthly subscription $69, Yearly subscription $89, Personal Ultimate $99.

  • Supported preview file types reach to 70 in 14 categories
  • Quick Scan to successful file recovery
  • Easy interface wizard
  • Can’t use data recovery on a bootable disc.
MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery

10. EaseUS Data Recovery

Using EaseUS on Windows for recovering our files is the best option ever. The method of using the EaseUS recovery tool is straightforward. None of the recovery tools works like EaseUS to recover our deleted files step-by-step. Install it on your computer, then run then start recovering the deleted partitions and virus-ruined files. There are two different packages for this software. The first one is premium it works to recover up to 1GB file. The second one is the pro version that works for a lifetime. For the Pro version, you need to pay money, and pricing starts from $69.95 monthly. For a yearly license, it starts from $99.95. And fro lifetime upgrade needs to pay $149.95.

  • All in one free data recovery software for different data lose situations
  • Lost data recovery
  • Partition recovery
  • Formatted file recovery
  • Storage media recovery
  • Emergency data recovery
  • Advanced Quick scan recovery tool
EaseUS Data Recovery
EaseUS Data Recovery


That’s all about “Top Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10 & macOS”. Now it depends on you which tools you will choose for recovering your deleted files. As I recommend you the best choice is Recuva, recovery tools. It can recover deep scan, it’s the high professional designed tool that can recover files from damaged drives, formatted files. In addition, Recuva is one of the best free data recovery software tool. That available with two versions, but the portable one is the best to run on Windows 10 without installation. Again if you have any other Recovery tool then share below with us in the comment section.

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