Top 5 cloud storage providers for IOS and Android - 2019

Top 5 cloud storage providers for IOS and Android

Top 5 cloud storage providers for IOS and Android

In this article, I want to share for you Top 5 cloud storage providers for IOS and Android smartphones, the place where you can store your private your easily when it comes to Android Phone or iPhone that in new Smartphones we cannot use a Memory card to store more or large files. Like, iPhone of 16 GB  Galaxy 16 GB that we cannot use SD card on it but we have online storage online place to save our files. just it is simple to create an account on the Online Storage for IOS and Android, after that, you can store your files there easily.


1. Sync cloud storage

Sync makes you possible to store your files on it, easily you can share your files through the Sync. At all Sync will save your privacy end-to-end with encrypt and keep save, be aware that Sync will Keep 100% secure. By Sync be sure that your files and privacy will be only and only secure by and you can only in touch with your data. your confidential documents are safeguarded from unauthorized access, it is the only way you can trust Sync cloud. the features, that you share your files in any size if a friend of you doesn’t have Sync account that time we can use multiple users from one account, the new features, password protection, Notifications, The expiry date that make you sure you are secure. Access your files from anywhere, Sync backup your files automatically, all in a centralized location in anywhere.

2. PCloud
PCloud is one of the most secure places for your files to store, it gives you up to 10 GB free storage for your files. but offers of a lifetime can be up to 2TB that you can use for your files, rather than having another competition. for most of the people looking for cloud storage, but I recommend you to use PCloud for your life plans. per month 4.08$ 500 GB.
  • Excellent Value
  • Zero-Knowledge encryption
  • Fast file Sync
  • Shared-file security
  • Network Drive
  • Stream Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Pay with Button

The features of PCloud provides you with file storage in a remote data center. The PCloud will give you clear space for your computer that you should easily store your files there and by expanding your computer capacity, you can store different kinds of files in this virtual space such as: from word documents to digital images spreadsheets. There are no file limitations.

  • PCloud Support Operating system files
  • Pcloud for photos Videos and Music
  • Versioning and deleted files Recovery
  • Family Plan
  • Ease of Use
  • Best store for IOS and Android Apps
  • File Syncing and sharing
  • Sync folder
  • Drive
  • High-speed file Uploading
  • Security and privacy



Tresorit is one of the most online storage providers where you can store your personal files. like images, videos, Music, Operating system heavy files there. this Cloud service based on Switzerland and Hungry too much mostly this Cloud Storage are using for business purpose in order to boost up there business and especially most of the freelancer/Individuals. Every individual person can use up to 1TB storage free in this cloud, and this Cloud was found by Hungarian programmer on the 2011 year. Therefore, they wanted to launch this Cloud for the users in 2014 in order to boos up their free storage. rather than, this cloud is consist of high-security work from anywhere, such as access to your office’s files, and you can Upload your files with Zero-Knowledge encryption from desktop and Cellphone devices, and Windows, Mac Os, Linux, Android, IOS, and from any other web browser.


4. DropBox


Dropbox is one of the most popular file storage places, that when you are creating an account that time it will give 2GB free, similarly, when you are too much in touch with so that time it will give reward up-to 16 GB free storage. is a modern workspace design, it keeps everything organized without breaking your flow, Dropbox will bring your files to together in one central and save place. and you can be accessed anytime from anywhere to your document’s no need of wasting your time anymore. Collaborate on presentations, designs platform, and any kinds of file. share your big file powerpoint presentations and photoshop files with others.

  • For freelancers and SOLO workers
  • For Business teams

5. Google Drive

Google Drive
Google Drive

By the name, it is mentioned that Google Drive is online free storage like (One Drive) it gives you 15 GB you can use up to 100 GB on Google Drive by paying 1.99$ per month, the price is too much lease for storing 100 GB’s of the file. it is also like the same other’s online storage you can store different kinds of file like, Photos, Videos, Music, Operating system files, and any other important documents that only and only you can be accessed to that.


  • Create a Gmail account for yourself
  • Search for Online Drives
  • Register your account to that Online Storage Drive where you want to store your file.


That’ all about Top 5 Online storage providers for IOS and Android, where you can easily store your files there. I hope that you have learned something from this article, in fact, there are more options about online storage, but I shared for you some important ones, if you faced any problem in any place of this article, kindly give hint on the below box of the comment.

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