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How to Create Excellent Video Stories with Free Online Video Creators

In this article, I will show you how to Create Excellent Video Stories with Free Online Video Creators. Videos play an important role in our lives. We watch videos to entertain ourselves. Create videos to share happiness and sadness; We share videos to deliver positive energy to others. We can’t even live without videos today. Do you want to create your own videos? Have you learned to create videos through professional training? So don’t worry, I gathered the best free online video creators that you can use to make excellent videos regardless of your skill level. Let’s see what these programs are.


FlexClip is an online tool to create simple videos. It allows users to create great videos in just 3 steps, select a template, add photos and export in HD quality. As it comes with an easy-to-use interface, inexperienced beginners will be able to produce amazing videos with the templates offered. Once you log in, you have access to all functions. The only drawback I think is the template number. Currently it only has 35 different styles of templates. It is said that more templates will be added soon.


  • An easy to use user interface
  • Free to try
  • You have beautiful templates available
  • It offers a large library of stock media choices (photos, video clips, and music)
  • Gives you all the necessary editing tools, such as trimming, text, animation, transitions, and more.
  • It meets different purposes of users of all levels. They can create slideshows, social media ads, presentations, explainers, wedding videos, ect.


Another online tool for creating videos is Kioza. With the help of this tool, creating and editing videos is very simple. Users can clearly find all the functions it has in its interface. It can be used to create movies with photos and videos with transitions, effects, texts, animations and music incorporated. It can also be used to create collages. There are templates for funds, introductions and more provided. If you created your video, you can share it directly on social networks like Facebook, YouTube or by email. Keep in mind that you must register before starting the videos and your videos will be left with watermarks. You can update your account to be paid and the price is quite reasonable.


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Subscription Required
  • Provide all the elements required to create a video
  • It has limits for the output file


Biteable is also one of the best creators that does not require any advanced ability to create the videos. I think it is more focused on children because of its animation effects. It will surely get your attention. When you register, it will allow you to select the category based on what you need. And the most appropriate templates for videos will be displayed based on your needs so you can choose to make your video. The steps will be displayed on the page and you can follow them to complete your video.


  • Video template suggestions according to your needs
  • A clear guide for creating videos
  • Many different templates for videos
  • Let you upload your own audio.


If you are looking for a video creation program in the cloud where you can create 30-second videos in a minute, then Animoto is your solution. On this page, you can create videos not only on your PC, but also on your mobile devices. It offers templates for all kinds of situations, such as birthdays, weddings, trips, education and more. But, the free version has many limits. If you upgrade to a paid version, you will have more freedom creating your own videos.


  • Easy to use many templates for different situations
  • Different prices to select depending on the needs of each.

What is your favorite tool? Leave us your comment and your reasons!


Bottom Line

That’s all about how to Create Excellent Video Stories with Free Online Video Creators. If you are using any other kind of video editor or video creator then have a galance to this video creator also. Check each features to make your job use for video creating. There are multiple video editing softwares but this online platform makes your work easier. Moreover, if you pereferd our article then share your feedback in below comment section.


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