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How to Disable iMessage Notifications on Mac

How to Disable iMessage Notifications on Mac

Apple’s advanced platform messaging application allows you to connect your mobile number, Emails, Apple IDs to the Apple server. When you are activating iMessage application on your Mac computer, after that, you can make text your fellow from your Mac computer. The iMessage platform is super and reliable that can make to a better experience.

But in some cases, iOS users cause issues with iMessage on their Mac. Like sometime the Mac won’t make you able to transfer messages to your friends. When someone texts you directly to your number, but still the message does not appear on your iOS and Mac. Then it can be frustrating for both site, the sender will think they received the message.

However, as iMessage application is the best App for Mac users, that receives the messages to there Mac computer. iMessage App works exactly like the messaging app on your iPhone, iPad devices. It allows you to send messages, to your friends Apple devices. In fact, there some issues that we can to cut off the iMessage from macOS and iOS devices. To do that, just follow below instruction. This guide can be suitable only for macOS Catalina users. This can work only to cut off the iMessage from macOS, and iPhone.

Disable iMessage Notifications on Mac

However, to deactivate or disable your iMessage you should think about deactivating its notification. Deactivating the iMessage notification only allows you to do not receive any messages notification. But disabling the iMessage will completely turn off the application.

Step 1. Open up your macOS Catalina, when it opened click on the left-corner on “Apple icon”. When the lists appeared click on “System preferences”.
Step 2. Once the system preferences opened, click on the “Notifications” application.
When the notifications opened you in the left-handed you will see the list of Applications which capable and allow you to receive notifications. Select below down the “Messages” option.

Step 3. When you select the “Message” option from the list, easily you can customize how to receive notifications. For the purpose to turn off the “Message” notification of macOS Catalina. Click under “Message Alert Style” on the “None”.
This will deactivate all the notification which you were receiving from Message application on macOS Catalina. Therefore, to turn off all the notifications from the Message app on Mac toggle the option “Allow notifications from message”, then select the “Banners” option. It will close the notifications of the messaging app on your Mac.

Deactivate the Messaging Application on macOS

Once you activated receiving the message from your iOS on macOS Catalina. Then the very begging option you can do to do not disturb a lot simply turn the Message app notification. If you won’t do that then simply disable the Message application.

To completely disable the Message app on macOS Catalina. Navigate to macOS “Launchpad”, when launched opened find out the “Messages” application. Again if you removed the message application from dock. Then the first option you can find it from the launchpad, or the second one you can find it from the application folder, from the finder app.

When you opened the “Message”, navigate to the top menu bar click on “Messages”>Preferences.

  • When the message preferences window launched, click on the “iMessage” tab to completely turn off the Message application on macOS Catalina.
  • Next to the “iMessage” application click on “Sign Out.
  • macOS Catalina iMessage offers you Enable the account, or Enable Messages in iCloud.
  • When you have done those settings automatically it will apply changes. When all the changes completely made, close the iMessage application.

That’s all about how to Disable iMessage Notifications on Mac. If there is remaining something feel free to share with me below down in the comment section. Furthermore, if the article was useful for you then share it with your friends on social networks.

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