How to Encrypt PDF File on a Mac - Full Guide
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How to Encrypt PDF File on a Mac

How to Encrypt PDF File on a Mac

Do you want to protect your PDF files on Mac? If you want to protect, then protection can be more handy and sensitive for the important PDF files that you store on Mac. Moreover, there are several platforms to store there, like PDF via Email, DropBox. Also, protecting PDF files on Mac is pretty easy using the Preview application.

However, currently, there are multiple Apps for encrypting files on macOS. But one of the easiest methods is using the Preview app which Apple recommends you use it. You can use a preview application on Mac to protect the most important PDF files more secure. Preview app is an inside built application where you can find it on any macOS version. And also, there is no need for any particular app for encrypting. The thing you need is only a PDF format file.

Encrypt PDF file on a Mac

OK, let’s get started to protecting a PDF file on Mac using the preview app. To do that start your Mac computer, navigate to the preview app on the launchpad.

Another option, you can also find out the preview application from the finder app. Also, you can find it from your Mac dock icon too. When you find it click on that to open.

Once the preview application launched, then click on the top menu bar on File>click Open to open the PDF file document for encrypting via a password on Mac.

When the PDF file opened with a preview application on macOS. Again navigate to top menu bar click on File>Export.

The preview app can make various changes to your PDF files. The very first option is that you can change PDF file to any format. That includes the best option to set a password for PDF files.

To set a password for PDF file manage the location via “Export As”. Choose the “Format” PDF, and click the “Encrypt” option. Type a heavy password, verify it at last-click Save to encrypt the following setting which you set for the PDF file.

  • The PDF file in which you exported with the following settings. Will be saved on the location which you specified, while trying to open the PDF file on Mac. Then you will be required to enter your password to login to the PDF file. However, enter the password which entered for PDF file, then press enter key.

That’s it while entering the password if the password should be correct. Then the PDF file will open, but if the password is not correct the file will not open. I hope you enjoyed reading this article if there is something remaining then feel free to share it with me below down in the comment section.

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