iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: The Best Camera, And Display Ever

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: The Best Camera, And Display Ever

We never thought about Apple Inc that this time they would come with three products, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. In the current world of technology, I think that iPhone’s new mobile phones will be one of the most professional phones among other phones. A phone should support iOS ever heavy operating system. Also, added new dark mode feature to iOS 13, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max review is mostly on camera. Never think that with iPhone 11 phone you can take the photo with a quality you are taking with digital cameras.

Apple released some days before there iPhone new product in America. There are no worries about its price because you can get iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, at a considerable price.

If you remember the iPhone older version, while releasing in the market everyone cannot buy that. I recommend you to buy an iPhone because as I think in the current world of gaming. The iPhone is the best system for gaming. iPhone with iOS 13 is one of the most precious phones with high performance and unbelievable speed.

After the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is one of the largest and powerful smartphones now. The design of the iPhone Pro Max is a combination of the latest technology and includes Matte back and three camera design. Even most of the people they were using Samsung, Google phones, Huawei but now they changed the opinion to use iPhone. However, the betterment in iPhone 11 phones this time Apple boosted the battery life. And moreover, I never think the iPhone should be a more expensive cellphone then Samsung S10 and S10+.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review Design


After all, iPhone Pro Max is designed differently than previous phones. A phone with 3 cameras, with crafted design from matte stainless steel. With 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch super high HD display, also with Apple newly debuted A13 Bionic CPU.

However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max includes all-new feature designs of other phones. And also mentioned on the day that released, that iPhone 11 is one of the toughest cellphones among other phones.

After all, the new 3 cameras of iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max has 12-megapixel which includes wide ultra-wide lenses. Also, the cameras setup are upgraded in iOS 13 that consists of new color options, including yellow, purple and green color. Also, the three cameras of iPhone 11 Pro Max look bump on the rear and phones feel a little sharp, therefore, the photos of the iPhone 11 Pro Max will take much space.

The three outstanding cameras designed for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max is professional and great. Remember while shooting from a scene, you don’t customize the zoom or focus on the person. Because it will automatically adjust the focus, and refocus and also blur the background.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Review:

Now you can use iPhone 11 cellphones relax, due to that the people worried about its battery. But this time Apple boosted the battery life of iPhone up to %50. You have seen the iPhone’s is exchanged the design, it is a much thicker phone than the previous one. Also, the glass of the iPhone is designed with a matte finish, especially with midnight green color. The matte finish is much thicker because it will keep safe your phone from scratching.

Apple company promised to iPhone users that this time they have boosted the battery life of iPhone 11 Pro Max then the previous model of iPhone’s. If you are using a smartphone, you might know that the phone will keep the charge until 24 hours. However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max watching particularly HDR video, in that case, the iPhone will save the charge up to 20 hours. And the iPhone charger is the portable boosted charger that full the charge of the phone in one and a half hours.

The design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is familiar and known by you. Because the design is the same as the previous model of iPhone X and iPhone XS. Also, the back matte is looking handy to keep safe your mobile. However, the size of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is enough large with a 6.5-inch size and OLED High-quality display.

Remember that still the iPhone 11 Pro Max and other models of iPhone 11 are one of the most advanced cellphones now. After upgrading iOS 12 to iOS 13 the Face ID is enough easy and simple.


The three cameras of iPhone 11 Pro Max is super, in the current era most of the famous company like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, and other companies in the world. They are competing with each other, to bring many changes in the quality of the camera, quality of capturing and camera internal features.

iPhone 11 Pro Max camera features/Hardware include:

  • 12-megapixel Standard wide-angle camera, 26mm equivalent, f/2.4, and focus pixel.
  • 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, 13mm equivalent, f/1.8 lens.
  • Also, 12-megapixel telephoto camera, 52mm-equivalent, f/2 lens.
  • One of the great features that none of the other phones has: Added the new night mode for low light shooting.
  • And you can also replace your digital camera with iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. For having a better video resolution and photo quality. Because of the iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, can should a video up to 4K/60fps video.
  • 12MP front camera for Face ID, and selfie picture.

We are proud of Apple Inc for providing the best great quality cameras to iPhone 11 Pro Max. And also, the three rear cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max match the wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens, or the telephoto zoom is ever supper.

The internal camera feature of the iPhone 11 Pro Max also includes more features, like colors, better editing. While you want to take a group photo by iPhone 11 Pro Max, therefore, you can’t move further closer or near. But you can have a crop with moving back something like this.

Nowadays the three cameras of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are obviously supper and shakable. After all, using three cameras at the same of course you will have a better picture resolution “picture pixel”.

According to my idea, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max camera is better than Galaxy S10, or Google Pixel. Also, the iPhone 11 main camera looks stunning. After all, the iPhone 11 it’s camera will work sharper than other smartphones. I recommend you to have research about its video recording and photo capturing.

The most recent feature of the iPhone:

If you remember Apple tried to add the night mode feature in the previous model of iPhones. But failed to do that because of some circumstances in iOS updates. The night mode is newly added in iOS 13 and iPhone 11, capturing the picture in the night with iPhone look stunning. Also, other companies like Google, Samsung, Huawei have stolen this feature from Apple. Now Google designed a cellphone offering the cameras to turn the night mode into the light mode. Remember this product of Apple is supper optimistic to you, make you compel to buy this product with its advanced added feature. Night mode camera allows you to take a picture even the place that your eyes can’t see.

The Night Mode:

Night mode is a bit tricky the camera gives you the exact time to capture the picture. The iPhone function will ask you to stand for 2-5 seconds. And moreover, it extends up to 30 seconds to capture a picture with a high light level, and fully bright. Even the iPhone captures the photo in the night, that you can’t believe. You will believe that this picture is captured in a day.

All you can turn the iPhone 11 into shutter mode at the same time you can take up to 10 pictures. More you can have a better portrait with iPhone 11 camera. It is important to mention the distance of you and the things in which you want to capture the picture. But if you capture a photo from a near distance it will easily recognize the face of the person, animal, or things easily.

The camera in video mode is supper it is important to mention the focus of video shooting. The iPhone 11 camera shoots the video up to 4k/60fps and it is more reliable and useful. While the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ released most of the photographers bought that. But I recommend suggest you buy the iPhone 11 any model for capturing a better and clean photo.

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iPhone 11 is a wide OLED screen that Apple named that Super Retina XDR display. Aside from these Apple products nowadays having too much sells on in markets. Due to iPhone 11, Pro Max is having 6.5-inches screen size. Always the world of technology tried worked hard to provide something beneficial for people. After all, Apple designed a beautiful product Apple 11 that is having OLED display, after using much the phone. Your eyes will not be suffering any sorts of disease, the new OLED screen seems to have more yellow tinge while you are watching a white scene.

Remember that while turning the auto display mode in your iPhone 11 Pro Max. It means that you saved your mobile charge more and more. Apple in the current situation, after facing many issues of battery life problems. They decided to bring changes in iOS 13 and also in the screen display of the iPhone in order to spend less power while using.

One of the most recent changes in the iPhone 11 that support Dolby Atmos, which is much stunning. However, if you heard about Dolby Atmos it depends on speaker/stereo speaker. In addition, the iPhones Dolby Atmos effect a lot on speaker, while playing music. And remember that the Dolby Atmos sound effects on the volume of your mobile speaker, it makes louder.

Moreover, with the widescreen and A13 processor phone you can do whatever you want. The iPhone 11 will be the best cellphone for gaming in 2019. Because the iPhone 11 Pro Max or other models are consist of high graphics/processor/RAM and more. And the iPhone 11 will be a good source of display for watching videos, movies. While watching a movie in a cinematic mode it will affect your phone brightness phone 800 nits. And while watching the movie in Dolby’s vision it will affect up to 1200 nits. Recommend you to play the sound out of speaker mode. And also Apple has created a surround sound setup, according to Apple, it is not good to hear the sound by pairing headphones.


Everyone knows this that Apple many times fail in there cellphone because of there battery life. But this time brought changes and improved battery life. Also, claims the iPhone older version into there announcements, and announced that this time boosted the battery life of iPhone 11 up to five hours.

Also, the iPhone size has gotten thicker because the battery is thick for the impressive charges. If you remembered the iPhone XS,  charging condition saving the power was much better than previous iPhones. But the iPhone 11 is better than iPhone XS with a single charge now you can play the game, without the tension of charge.

After releasing every kind of operating system people are thinking it might be risky for us. Because we can not use this sort of operating system on our mobile or computer due to unknown attacks and hacks. Might be iOS 13 should be buggy for your phones, but already the iOS 13 is installed on iPhone 11. After that, the buggies are fixed by Apple then you should install that on your phones.

Remember that iPhone 11 is having an A13 Bionic processor that can have a better performance for playing the game. There is a lot of competition nowadays because of the high processor of iPhone companies and other companies. A13 Bionix processor is faster than the A12 processor which was on iPhone XS. And more charges will spend on phone performance.

The iPhone 11 Pro prices start in current markets from $999 64GB space. And the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts from $10.99. And the best choice between iPhone Pro Max is now you can get $1,499 512GB of storage. It depends on you that will you invest your money to get this phone or not.

  • Again iPhone 11 has gotten improved on their phone, Camera, A13 Processor, three rear cameras, Telephoto, Best display, support Wifi 6, LTE support. Also, iPhone 11 could support iOS 13 with its high features, including dark mode. And the iPhone 11 will be the cellphone of the year with its improved battery life. After that, all issues they are facing in iOS 13 security problems.
  • Note: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, doesn’t have 5G.
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